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Business Strategy Game Quiz Answers

Most Business Strategy Game quizzes separated classes known in difficulty as “BSG Quiz 1” and BSG Quiz 2 “. The quizzes have many questions in the game regarding the rules, and some questions can be very difficult. Especially in BSG Quiz 2, the answers will have to be resolved using basic knowledge. Here is an example of a question in BSG Quiz 2

Given the following exchange rate changes

Year 1 Year 2

Euro (EUR) per US $ 0.8230 0.8165

Sing $ per Brazilian real 0.5860 0.5710

Brazilian real per euro (EUR) 3.7030 3.7180

US $ 0.5980 $ 0.5940 per Sing

Then, as explained in the Help screen for the Branded Sales Report, which follows:

* The euro has become weaker relative to the US $.

* Brazilian real has grown stronger against the Sing $.

* Brazilian real has grown stronger against the euro.

* The euro has strengthened against the US $.

* US $ grew stronger against the Sing $.

This is how you answer this question. If one year values ​​are less than 2 years, which means it takes more money to buy foreign currency in the current year. Or in fact that the currency will grow weaker.

If one year is more than two years, which means that it costs less to buy money to another currency. Or in fact that the currency will be stronger.

So let’s deduce which is the correct answer.

“The euro will grow weaker against the US $.”

This can not be right, because the numbers are smaller in the second year, which basically means that the currency has been become larger.

“the Brazilian real will grow stronger against the Sing $.”

The second number is smaller, which means it has been become stronger currency. But the currency in question is the Sing is stronger, and the words are reversed in this response. this response is incorrect.

“the Brazilian real will grow stronger against the euro.”

the second number is larger than the first, which means that the currency has weakened. another wrong.

“the euro will grow stronger against the US $.”

by deriving the first answer made this answer automatically entitled. as the first number is greater than the second, which means that the currency has become stronger.

“the US $ will grow stronger against the Sing $. “

as the second number has increased, this means that the currency has become weaker, and this answer is incorrect.

Tough stuff eh? It’s not as difficult as you walk away and come back to it. But this is how difficult to get the quiz.

How To Pick The Ideal Online Trading Broker

Technology has made it easier and easier for anyone who wants to go on stock and commodity trading. Newcomers can read various sources online, so they can acquire knowledge about the market and not to go blindly into this area. Alternatively, you can trade online today; you do not go to a formal business setting start trading too.

If you’re new to the world of stock and commodity trading, even if you decide to do it online, you will benefit greatly from working with an online trading broker. A broker will work and assist you when you are ready to buy and sell stocks, commodities or securities. There is no doubt that when you choose a reliable broker, your foray into the world of online trading easier and more successful.

It is important to choose the right broker to work, because the last thing you want to happen is to lose money when you start trading. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that you know your estate broker. You can start with him or her direct questions and doing some research to find out if the agency you are interested in working with licensed in your state. Keep in mind that you will be entering the game of trading that you could give a lot of profit; not being diligent but will cause you to lose a large amount of money.

It is also important that you understand all the risks and benefits that come with using an online broker compared to having a trained pro. This is because a trained and experienced broker can give you sound advice and could present the different economic conditions on the movement of stocks. An online one, however, will be using a variety of investment tools to help you decide when to buy and sell stocks or commodities. This is primarily why the cost of online brokers are substantially lower than the cost of investment advisers.

Ten has Finally, the ideal online broker is required to access and know how to use the right key investment tools. This should include research tools, investment, financial services, and various mobile and online apps and sites. They should also be knowledgeable in various aspects as well as the minimum opening balance, reasonable or average rate or a percentage of the commissions they will go down the use of technology or functions for international trade and other important special features and services.

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