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Business Strategy Game Quiz Answers

Most Business Strategy Game quizzes separated classes known in difficulty as “BSG Quiz 1” and BSG Quiz 2 “. The quizzes have many questions in the game regarding the rules, and some questions can be very difficult. Especially in BSG Quiz 2, the answers will have to be resolved using basic knowledge. Here is an example of a question in BSG Quiz 2

Given the following exchange rate changes

Year 1 Year 2

Euro (EUR) per US $ 0.8230 0.8165

Sing $ per Brazilian real 0.5860 0.5710

Brazilian real per euro (EUR) 3.7030 3.7180

US $ 0.5980 $ 0.5940 per Sing

Then, as explained in the Help screen for the Branded Sales Report, which follows:

* The euro has become weaker relative to the US $.

* Brazilian real has grown stronger against the Sing $.

* Brazilian real has grown stronger against the euro.

* The euro has strengthened against the US $.

* US $ grew stronger against the Sing $.

This is how you answer this question. If one year values ​​are less than 2 years, which means it takes more money to buy foreign currency in the current year. Or in fact that the currency will grow weaker.

If one year is more than two years, which means that it costs less to buy money to another currency. Or in fact that the currency will be stronger.

So let’s deduce which is the correct answer.

“The euro will grow weaker against the US $.”

This can not be right, because the numbers are smaller in the second year, which basically means that the currency has been become larger.

“the Brazilian real will grow stronger against the Sing $.”

The second number is smaller, which means it has been become stronger currency. But the currency in question is the Sing is stronger, and the words are reversed in this response. this response is incorrect.

“the Brazilian real will grow stronger against the euro.”

the second number is larger than the first, which means that the currency has weakened. another wrong.

“the euro will grow stronger against the US $.”

by deriving the first answer made this answer automatically entitled. as the first number is greater than the second, which means that the currency has become stronger.

“the US $ will grow stronger against the Sing $. “

as the second number has increased, this means that the currency has become weaker, and this answer is incorrect.

Tough stuff eh? It’s not as difficult as you walk away and come back to it. But this is how difficult to get the quiz.

Current Value Of Bitcoin

At this time Bitcoin, trading in the market at a higher value than gold. It opens a window to many opportunities for me because I’ve been in this market for accumulating digital currency and gold every day.

With my experience, I have the knowledge and develop methods for using these cryptocurrency and building of large wheels acquisition of gold continuously with the help of power.

I use the following methods to collect Bitcoin and gold.

Finding a company that sells gold
Opening the online bitcoin wallet
Bitcoin mining began online or offline
Buying gold with bitcoin

The above are the basic steps to complete the process and require special methods to make it successful. I think this is the best strategy to collect gold Bitcoin and get it delivered to your door every month.

Finding a company that sells gold

There are many companies selling gold online in the internet, but there are some that offer an incentive program once you become their clients. You should look for a company that is much more than just the sale of gold. The company must offer high quality products, such as the sale of gold in small sizes 1 gram, 2.5 gram and 5 gram. Gold itself has a 24-karat gold, which is the highest quality you get is. Incentive programs should allow you to earn commissions when you refer people to the company.

Opening the online bitcoin wallet

You get a place to store Bitcoin you need once you are ready to get started in the market cryptocurrency. There are many online Bitcoin wallet available to the public free of charge. Look for a company to store Bitcoin wallet and offline dome to protect it offers. There are a lot of hackers trying to break into the wallet of online users and steal all their bitcoin. If you save Bitcoin offline, you will never fall victim to online hackers.

Bitcoin mining began online or offline

There are two ways to get Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining online or offline. Bitcoin mining online is very simple and much easier than offline methods. Personally, I use both methods to test the profitability of each. By joining online Bitcoin mining agriculture would be a great way to start.

You have to be very careful on this option as well, because there are thousands of agricultural Bitcoin scammers claim to have, but in reality is not. These people make a Ponzi scheme and will only steal from you as much as he can. There is also the largest company and the company’s original active every day that I personally use Bitcoin.

You can also mine Bitcoin offline purchase Bitcoin mining hardware that your computer has been set up in your home. The hardware is then connected to the Internet and will start mining Bitcoin. Bitcoin will be automatically sent to your online Bitcoin wallet.

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